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New Website Launched!!!

If you are interested in Sina's current projects, please check out her new website: Sina Drums

sina on youtube

Some tracks Sina performed on

We are very proud to introduce Sina, who is actually the youngest member of our musicians' network, followed by the Lovac Brothers. She has been playing the drums since she was 10 and she performed on some of our albums. When she was 12, she was featured on drums on the following recordings:

Cover_ClassicRocksAn sich
Früh im Wagen
Im Nebel
Die Nachtigall

Rap, Rock and Learn English, CD plus BroschüreOne year later she helped us recording the backing tracks for our "Rap, Rock & Learn" project. To see her perform in the studio see these 2 clips.

This is another track she performed on (free audio):


To see some current clips of her drumming please visit her on YouTube

Unser aktueller Beitrag
zur politischen Bildung...

Präsident Obama (USA), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) und Jan Koum (WhatsApp) erklären uns die Welt, Sina (GER), die jüngste Musikerin unseres Netzwerks, begleitet die drei Herren musikalisch.

Hier geht es zu Sinas YouTube Kanal

info at classic-rocks dot com
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fon: 030-47301388
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