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Peter Bear

Englische Gute-Nacht-Geschichte / Lerngeschichte frei nach dem Kinderlied The Bear Went Over The Mountain

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Englischer Text:

The Bear Went Over The Mountain

Peter Bear

Peter was a very inquisitive bear, he loved peeking behind trees, looking under stones and crawling through tunnels of woven brambles and bushes. But the one thing he wanted more than anything was to go over the mountain.

The mountain stood at the back of his house in his back garden, it was huge and Peter just wanted to see what was on the other side! “But why can’t I go over the mountain?” Peter asked his dad. “Oh, you don’t want to go over there Peter. You are far too young to see what is on the other side of the mountain,” Dad replied.

As Peter turned and looked out of the window at the mass of green in front of him his dad smiled and continued reading his newspaper. I wonder, thought Peter, what could be so terrible on the other side that his young eyes couldn’t see yet? Maybe a ferocious dragon lived there with his family and would breathe fire as he stepped over the mountain, or a little girl who would eat his porridge, break his chair and fall asleep in his bed, or, or even a one eyed monster that chased bears and ate them for tea? Peter shivered; the thought of that is pretty scary. But he still wanted to climb the mighty mountain.

As the sun crept through a crack in Peter’s curtain and fell on his sleepy eyelids, he remembered it was his birthday. With excitement he jumped out of bed and scurried into his Mum and Dad’s bedroom. “Good Morning!” Peter shouted. “Good Morning, happy birthday,” Mum and Dad yawned.

“Today is the day! You promised when I was older I can go up the mountain,” Peter continued. “Yes, that’s right, let’s get dressed first and then we can go up the mountain. Are you sure you are ready for what we will find on the other side?” Dad asked mischievously. With an unsure tone Peter replied: “Yes, yes, of course.” “Come on now, no more teasing. Let’s get up and have some breakfast,” laughed Mum.

As Peter pulled on his shoes and started to walk down the garden he checked in his back-pack that he had all he needed to fight off whatever was lurking on the other side. First, he had a bottle of water to fight the fire breathing dragon. Secondly, he had a bowl of porridge which would be used to divert a little girls’ attention whilst they made their getaway. And finally, Peter had packed an eye patch and some rope. Peter had a very cunning plan to defeat the monster where his dad would climb up and attach the eye patch. This would confuse the beast while he wrapped a rope around his legs making it fall to the ground and giving them time to run back up the mountain and over to the other side, safely home to Mum.

“Have a nice day, darling,” Mum shouted. “Mmm,” was all Peter could muster up in reply. He was too busy thinking. Dad looked at Mum and gave her a smile. As they climbed through the beautiful green grass, Peter turned and looked down at his house. It looked so peaceful sitting at the bottom of this giant mountain. Suddenly he heard a roaring noise. Fire, he could hear fire.

Peter grabbed the water bottle out of his bag, this is it he thought! It’s time to fight the mighty dragon. He looked up to his dad, but to his astonishment, Dad had a great big grin on his face and was waving. When he turned around he saw that the fire was coming from a beautiful hot air balloon that had appeared from the other side of the mountain, and Ali Alligator and Chris Croc were in the basket of a ladybird coloured balloon. At that moment a large blast of fire shot up into the air balloon and Ali and Chris waved furiously down at Dad and smiled at Peter. The balloon got higher and higher, and as it drifted away they started off on their journey again. Peter didn’t need his water bottle to protect him.

A gentle breeze blew and the sun shone as Dad and Peter chatted about this and that. Then all of a sudden Peter heard a whistling sound. A girl whistling, he thought, he could hear a girl coming their way whistling a merry tune. As he lunged into his bag for the porridge he looked up to Dad, but to his amazement Dad was pointing to the sky and shouting: “Oh Peter, look!” Birds as colourful as rainbows soared from behind the other side of the mountain and rushed up, up into the blue sky all singing their merry tune as they went. They watched until the birds were teeny specs in the distance and started off once again on their journey. Peter felt warm and tingly inside; not frightened at all. He didn’t need the porridge to protect him either.

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They were so close to the top of the mountain now and Peter’s legs ached but this wasn’t going to stop him from getting to the other side. All of a sudden he heard a THUD, followed by shouting. Peter hurriedly fumbled into his bag to find the patch and the rope. His heart was pounding … the monster sounded enormous … THUD! THUD! THUD! it went again, he knew this was what Dad had spoken about … was it the one eyed hungry monster? As they reached the top he looked up at his Dad and he could not understand why his Dad was cheering and clapping. But then Peter looked down the mountain and he saw Brian Beaver was gnawing away at trees and shouting “TIMBER!” to his family who were picnicking nearby as the trees fell to the ground with a THUD! THUD! THUD!

So he didn’t need the protection of the eye patch or the rope either. “SURPRISE! SURPIRSE!” he heard and as he looked closer, his Mum and all his friends were clapping, cheering and they started singing “Happy Birthday to Peter.” Brian had laid all the logs down for the party guests to sit on to have their picnic. As they all sat around eating birthday cake, Ali and Chris descended in their huge hot air balloon. “Hi Peter, you fancy a ride?” Chris asked. “Oh yes please,” Peter replied.

As the balloon drifted up into the summer sky and the rainbow birds sang their merry tune Peter could see his house on one side of the mountain and his friends and family waving on the other side of the mountain.

Peter smiled to himself. Now he knew there was nothing to be scared of on the other side of the mountain. There were no monsters, no dragons and no little girls. It was just, well.... the other side of the mountain!

The bear went over the mountain
The bear went over the mountain
The bear went over the mountain
To see what he could see

But all that he could see
But all that he could see was

The other side of the mountain
The other side of the mountain
The other side of the mountain
Was all that he could see

© 2015, written by Celine Watts

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