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Englische Lerngeschichte: Kapitel 8


Blueland - Blauland

Englischer Text:

Chapter 8

All the neighbours opened their windows and doors to see what was going on. What a wonderful sight!

Blueboy laughed and waved at a group of people watching him and then shouted out with his highest voice:

“Sing along with me, let’s sing this song together and we will have enough music to fill our whole country with colour!”

At that point they all joined in, hundreds of people sang out loud and their village became a colourful, wonderful place.

People from all over Blueland came to the visit the little multi-coloured village now that the change was complete.

They came from near and far and nobody wanted to miss anything.

That was the story about Little Boy Blue who brought colours to Blueland. He is still a small boy and he is still living there. Indeed he became the most famous person in Blueland, even more famous than the King.

You want to know how you can get to Blueland?

You can’t drive there in a car or ride there on a train, you won’t be able to sail there by a small boat made of plain wood, or by a big ship made of steel. You can’t fly there in an aeroplane. You can only get there using your imagination. And that’s easy, isn’t it?


Hier geht es weiter zu den vertonten Vokabeln und Phrasen aus der Geschichte.

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